Affiliated Groups, Pages & Sites

“The Imperial Federation of Walrodia”

We got no land, no knights, but we somehow got a pompous name…

First party and closely affiliated groups and pages are covered here first. These often have a similar topic or theme, or a degree of shared adminning, but not necessarily either.

Because of the the many shared members between these groups, we also have some shared running jokes – be prepared to smile and nod while you judge us. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured to fit in, as we’re a diverse bunch too. Some of us are jesters of the court, some of us are royal librarians, but we’re all here for conlanging.

Constructed Languages
Pages related directly to general or specific constructed languages

Constructed Languages
A group for constructed languages, or “conlangs” as many in and out of the community refer to them.

Conlangs (Español)
Un grupo en Facebook en castellano para compartir y comentar idiomas construidos y asuntos de lingüística en general.

A Spanish-language Facebook group for sharing and discussing constructed languages and all things linguistic.

Germlangs and Slavlangs
A group for conlanging and language learning, but mostly conlanging. Specifically about Germanic and Slavic languages, which have been hastily grouped together with as little justification as “they share some unique vocabulary in the Indo-European family?”.

Romlangs and Celtlangs
A group for conlanging and language learning, but mostly conlanging. Specifically about Romance and Celtic languages, which have been grouped together to represent the Italo-Celtic branch of the Indo-European languages.

Grecolangs and other IELangs
A group for conlanging and language learning, but mostly conlanging. We weren’t sure how to group Greek with the other possible IE language types, so we just left it like this. It’s kind of asking for a renovation, if you ask me.

Acidic Conlangs
The constructed language projects of Jack A. Stibium.

Related Disciplines
Pages involving other disciplines that overlap with constructed languages, or which have a constructed language-related theme.

Conlands: Worldbuilding for language creators.
Great for fleshing out fantasy and fiction. A group for discussing invented worlds and nations from an in-world perspective, and discussing sources of inspiration for worldbuilding.

Conlang Conversations & Off-Topic, Also Bhutan
This used to be a group for conversing in conlangs, but we’re not sure what happened to that. Now it’s mostly chaotic off-topic chat. Incidently, this is where the most shenanigans occurs, and where “Walrodia” appeared, and the annexation of Bhutan, and- OK, I’ll just stop now.

Natural languages
Pages related to natural languages with an appeal to language makers.

Lærum Nordiskar! (Learn the Nordic languages!), Also Bhutan
A spin-off group from Conlang Conversations & Off-Topic, Also Bhutan, but specifically for the study of the Nordic languages in general.

The Greater Alliance, Client States, Friendly States, and Enemies who haven’t bombed us…

… yet…

These are groups and pages friendly to us, or that we have unrequited crushes on, or that we simply like, or that belong to friends (of friends of friends). Yeah, we’re slightly corrupt. Note: if you would like to be added, or think you should be here but aren’t, let the admins of the Constructed Languages group know. This page is a hasty work in progress, so we’re prone to accidently forgetting people!

Omniglot ( is an encyclopædia of writing systems and languages, including constructed languages and scripts.

A laidback group for Gaming, especially if you’re from ‘Straya. One of the admins from the group has kindly added us as an affiliated group, despite the difference in topic.

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