Call for Papers

ΤΕΚΤΩΝ (Tekton) is a new journal written by and for language constructors, containing articles and other material in constructed languages, about constructed languages, and all other subjects of interest to language constructors. Tekton is affiliated with the Constructed Languages Facebook group and the Linguifex wiki.

Tekton is a successor in spirit to Æquinox, a journal featuring prose, poetry, and drama written in or translated into constructed languages, published from 2011 and 2014. Tekton is a home for any material that could or would have been submitted to Æquinox.

Tekton also welcomes submissions covering all other aspects of language construction, including but not limited to:

  • Information about natural languages that can be used as inspiration
  • Tips on how to start and build a constructed language
  • Tools you can use to build your language
  • Quizzes and games to test your language construction skills
  • Reviews of books, films, shows, and games related to constructed languages
  • News about events in the world of language construction
  • How, when, and where you can get together with other language constructors
  • How to get your constructed language noticed
  • Who is looking for someone to help building a language
  • Language construction in practice: text and articles written in constructed languages
  • Letters to the editor

Submissions are to be sent to

All text submitted to Tekton will be copy edited and may be abridged or emended by the editors.

Images for non-news articles may be submitted only as a complement to the text and in order to illustrate the use of a constructed language. Tekton reserves the right to include or exclude them from the final edition.

Guidelines for Text Written in Constructed Languages

  • Text written in a constructed language must be accompanied by an accurate translation into English. Please note that technical limitations may require the editors to align text and translation in ways other than as submitted. The assistance of the author may be requested to resolve any points of doubt regarding the relationship between text and translation.
  • Authors are encouraged to provide sufficient explanatory material to allow the dedicated reader to verify the accuracy of the translation.
  • The text should be accompanied by a brief description of the language in which it is written, with an emphasis on its linguistic characteristics.
  • Images of text written in a constructed languages-specific script are welcome, but they must be provided as an accompaniment to a Romanized text, not as a substitute.

By submitting an article to Tekton, the author if the article is deemed to have granted Tekton a non-exclusive license to publish said article, without restriction as to place of publication, medium of publication, or language of publication, during the entire term of copyright of the article, including renewals and extensions. The author is also deemed to have agreed to Tekton publishing the article under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License permitting all users the unlimited right of unpaid access to the full text of the article and the unlimited right to copy, paste, download or otherwise use the article, as long as these uses are restricted to non-commercial use only and provided that due acknowledgement is made to the original author and the original publication in Tekton. The author retains the right to post or deposit the article in a subject or institutional repository, as long as the posting or depositing of the article serves no commercial goal and the author ensures that Tekton is properly credited. The author retains the right to publish the article in a volume of his own work.
The author guarantees that the article submitted to Tekton either has not been previously published elsewhere or, if it has been published in whole or part, any permission necessary to publish it in Tekton has been obtained and provided to Tekton together with the original copyright notice.
By submitting an article to Tekton, the author of the article will further be deemed to have represented and warranted that that the article does not infringe upon any copyright; that the author is the sole and exclusive owner of the rights conveyed to Tekton; that permission has been obtained for use in electronic and print media of any copyrighted material reproduced in the author’s submission; and that the article does not contain infringing, libelous, obscene or other unlawful matter. If any third party sues Tekton for copyright infringement or issues any claim arising from a breach of the aforesaid warranties, the author will indemnify Tekton for, and hold Tekton harmless from any loss, expense or damage occasioned by such a suit or claim.

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