The 2015 Smiley Award!

Once again time for the Smiley Award!

The eminent conlanger and former president of the Language Creation Society (LCS), David J. Peterson, has announced his choice for the Smiley Award 2015, a constructed language that has made him smile:

Kash by Roger Mills!

Along with his decision, Peterson outlines Kash’s background, features and most interesting constructions, explaining this year’s choice.

Kash belongs to an excruciatingly detailed conworlding project certainly fruit of a life-long work of passion. Set in the world of Cindu, they are used in the context of his stories, where a young man from a research ship named John Rodriguez travels there and meets Shenji, a representative of the Kash people: a species of cat-like beings with black fur.

Roger set about creating the entire world, its environs, its other inhabitants and, of course, the languages therein. Check it out, there’s a lot to learn there!

Roger Mills’ Kash webpage:

David J. Peterson’s Web Thing:

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