The 2014 Smiley Award!

It’s that time of the year again!

The eminent conlanger and former president of the Language Creation Society (LCS), David J. Peterson, has announced his choice for the Smiley Award 2014, a constructed language that has made him smile:

Skerre, /skɛər/ by Doug Ball!

As usual, the witty Peterson outlines what he mused on, the Skerre background and features, explaining why it made his dimples show!

Skerre, or rather Iresa in the language itself, excels in syntax and morphosyntax and has a few features some daring people might even call ANADEW. There is a vastness of texts and even a play written in an early form of the conlang, and a bit of conworlding for people who swing that way!

In essence, one of Peterson’s finer choices for his award. Check it out, you might actually learn something!

Doug Ball’s Skerre webpage:

David J. Peterson’s Web Thing:

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